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This is a comprehensive user friendly site about Bermuda and moving, living, working, retiring and buying real estate in Bermuda. Please browse our unbiased Bermuda articles, bookmark us and check back often for updates.

This site will discuss a number of topics for ex patriots and other foreigners who would like to move to or travel to Bermuda including the average cost of living in Bermuda. Our site has topics on how to retire in Bermuda, on the average cost of living in Bermuda, finding Bermuda employment, buying real estate in Bermuda and on ultimately moving to Bermuda.

Moving to a foreign country that you don’t know much about can seem like a very intimidating process. The Moving to Bermuda Guide hopes to be able to demystify the many questions and explain the Bermudan Culture, Community, Offshore Banking, Financial planning system, real estate markets, Bermuda retirement homes and many other questions. So whether you are planning on moving to Bermuda or retiring in Bermuda please stay a while and best of luck on your Bermudan adventure!

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